Our Friends

Below is a fine list of all our friends in the aviation industry that help make my job an easy one 🙂

Please feel free to browse through the links to some great resources


   www.airforce.dnd.ca Department of National Defence
   www.nucleus.com/~amacleo/air.htm Canadian Air Force Brats Association (CAFBA)
   www.accessweb.com/users/mconstab Canadian Air Aces and Heroes (WWI, WWII, Korea)
   www.snowbirds.dnd.ca Official site of the Canadian Snowbirds
   www.tvinet.com/103 Royal Canadian Air Cadets – 103 Thunderbird Squadron
   aviart.tcel.com Canadian Air Forces Museum
   www.4wing.coldlake.dnd.ca Home of Canadian military fighter pilot training.

United States[top]

 www.yankeeairmuseum.org Yankee Air Force Museum
   www.af.mil United States Air Force
   www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/3314 American Fighters and Bombers

Air Show Specific[top]

   members.tripod.com/sgarrett2000 Air Shows of Ontario (Gerry Vanderhoek) – Great photos!
   www.sky-flash.com A great source of air show and aviation information
   www.paris-air-show.com Paris Air Show

WW II Aircraft[top]

   www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/4807 U.S. 10Th Air Force during World War II
   www.janes.ea.com/legends WW II Fighters
   personal.trxinc.com./dpixler United States Army Air Force In WWII


   www.exn.ca/FlightDeck A Canadian aviation site.  (news, pics & more)
   www.topedge.com/panels/aircraft/yaap.html A great aviation site with many links.
  www.incredible-adventures.com/migsrap.html An adventure of a life time!!!