Air Show Sponsors


Here’s a way to get your company involved with the community as well a unique and cost-effective opportunity to promote product and services.
Air Shows offer the opportunity for a company to gain direct exposure to their target market by interacting with thousands of spectators who attend.


“Air Shows are the fastest growing outdoor spectator activity in North America. More than 28 million spectators in North America attended air shows in 1998. In fact, compared to other sporting event advertising opportunities, the total attendance at Air Shows was second only to the total attendance of Major League Baseball , outdrawing the NHL, the NFL, the NBA and Auto Racing attendance figures.”


The following demographic profile of an Air Show spectator provides the corporate marketer a snap shot of the incredible appeal and potential offered by our Air Show 2000 venues.
35-39 years old
makes 50K to 75K a year
lives less than 20 miles away
59% are married
average household has 1.6 children
70% have some college/university education ( 56% are male, 44% are female)
most households have more than one wage earner
71% own a computer
61% use email and/or the internet


$395 Donation

One (1) 24″x 18″ Sign Board with Company Name/Logo displayed in front of a high profile static aircraft. The message will thank the corporation for their generous sponsorship and their support of that aircraft’s particular appearance.

Opportunity for picture taking session with aircrew, airframe and Company Sign Board

Ten (10) General Admission Tickets
This is a tremendous opportunity for company exposure and includes $90 worth of general admission tickets!

Cut off dates for sponsorship: Sarnia – June 23th, 2015

We offer three other levels of sponsorship (Platinum, Gold & Silver) starting from $2475 which include VIP admission & parking, lunches, PA announcements, on-site signage, and more.

For more information regarding these levels of sponsorship, we ask that you contact Mr.Tom Walsh using our contact form